Remove the Taboo. Challenge the Stigma. Initiate Change.


About The Film

A Dark Mind is a documentary about mental health in the black community; seeking to remove the taboo, challenge the stigma and initiate change.

British Nigerian Director and Producer Dami Adeyeye interviewed six individuals from within the community around their conditions, the stigmas they faced when seeking help and the journeys they have been on thus far.

He brilliantly places the insight and knowledge shared by four black mental health professionals in and around those stories to create a clear picture and enforce the urgency that it is indeed time for change now.

This film has the potential to initiate that change and finally bring this conversation to the forefront of society.

Click HERE to read more about Dami Adeyeye, the director of ‘A Dark Mind’

Our Mission


By sharing these stories, we hope to encourage others in the Black Community to open up about their struggles, seek the help they need and find freedom and health when it comes to their emotional well-being. We also want to contribute to changing the narrative in work places, schools and general society when it comes to Black people and mental health and challenge those standing by – whether within or outside of our community, to be supportive to those who struggle with mental health issues.


We are excited to announce that ‘A Dark Mind’ will be screened virtually at London’s Southbank Centre on Thursday, 13th May 2021!
More info about the event and tickets via Southbank’s website.

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