‘A Dark Mind’ is partnering with Black Thrive to work towards our shared goal of engaging hearts and minds to improve mental wellbeing among Black communities.

From the outset we wanted ‘A Dark Mind’ to be more than ‘just’ a film; to go beyond raising awareness and creating space for people to open up about their experiences. We wanted the film to initiate lasting change when and wherever the film is shown, and we believe the collaboration with Black Thrive will achieve exactly that.

Black Thrive is a partnership between communities, statutory organisations, voluntary and the private sector. They work in collaboration to reduce the inequality and injustices that negatively impact the mental health of Black communities. They achieve this by working with services and systems to address the systemic barriers which lead to poorer outcomes across a range of social factors, such as education, employment, housing, and so on, all of which may negatively impact one’s health and wellbeing. 

Information about Black Thrive’s work can be found on their website

Effectively this partnership is going to cover three aspects:

  • 10 percent of profits made at any screening event, as well as any donations and sponsorship received, will go to the organisation to support the work they do.
  • Every time ‘A Dark Mind’ is screened – whether for private events, screenings in schools and universities, corporate environments or even cinemas, we will raise awareness of the work Black Thrive do and give people an opportunity to donate to them.
  • Lastly, we are working with Black Thrive to develop a long-term program that can accompany the screening of the film in various institutions. From fostering changemaking conversations, to raising awareness across various layers of society, all of which ensure the film will be a catalyst for change.

We are so excited for this collaboration and can’t wait to share more information as we go.

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