We are pleased to announce that we have brought on an Advisory Board to support us in our efforts of maximising the impact ‘A Dark Mind’ can have to remove the taboo, challenge the stigma and initiate change.

The board is advising us on all major decisions, the program we are designing to be delivered alongside the film and more.


Natalie Creary headshot November 2019

Natalie Creary is the Programme Delivery Director for Black Thrive, a partnership between statutory organisations, the voluntary sector and local communities who work collaboratively to reduce mental health inequalities experienced by African and African-Caribbean communities in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Before joining Black Thrive, she worked for on a range of initiatives in the public and voluntary sector and has also spent some time in academia; lecturing in Public Health and Health & Social Care. She is currently working on a research project which explores the impact of the social determinants (e.g. education, employment, housing, policy, etc.) on the health experiences of Black and mixed communities. Her research shares the health narratives of communities; paying attention to how race, age, class, gender and sexuality intersect to shape their lived experience of health and wellbeing.



Hári Sewell is founder and Director of HS Consultancy and is a former executive director of health and social care in the NHS. He is a writer and speaker in his specialist area of social justice, equalities and ethnicity, race and culture in mental health. Hári is honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire and was the co-founder of the national Social Care Strategic Network (Mental Health) and  was chair until November 2010.  Hári has had various books, articles and book chapters published, with new material emerging regularly, usually ever year

Hári worked with another local campaigner to secure services for survivors of sexual violence and currently runs a campaign “Men Supporting Women’s Rights” including “Men Against Rape”.  He is increasingly studying forms of masculinity and the possibilities in practice and employee relations to recognise the intersections between masculinity and other aspects of identity.


Sharon Blackman.png

Sharon Blackman is a Managing Director and General Counsel in Citi’s General Counsel’s Office Markets and Securities Services division.

An English law qualified Barrister and NY Attorney, Sharon has worked for Citi since 2004.  Sharon is the head of the EMEA legal team covering Currencies, Frontier Markets and Local Market Rates with additional coverage of related ecommerce and fin-tech initiatives. Among other responsibilities, Sharon acts as primary counsel to the UK based Currencies Senior Managers (SM) and the SM’s own leadership teams and delegates throughout the EMEA region.  Sharon has represented Citi at a variety of industry level committees, most recently as the Citi legal representative on the Bank of England Joint Foreign Exchange legal subcommittee.

Sharon sits on Citi’s EMEA Legal Diversity Committee and represents EMEA on Citi’s Global Legal Diversity Council.  As chair of the Citi EMEA Pro Bono Committee she was delighted to accept the award for In-House Pro Bono Legal Team of the year, Trust Law Awards 2015.  More recently and in recognition of her diversity and inclusion work she featured in the 2020 EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Executives List.


Rondette Smith is an Executive Director in Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs. As member of the Diversity & Inclusion team, she oversees the Black anRondetted Asian talent strategies across EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). Rondette started her career in journalism before transitioning to Human Resources and then specialising in recruiting, coaching & development and business partner roles. In late 2014, Rondette moved to Hong Kong working there until moving to London in 2017.
She is the co-host of Race2Rise – a podcast focused on experiences of two black female expatriates abroad and centers around empowering women of colour to engage in discussions on challenging topics such as navigating the workplace, speaking candidly about mental health, owning and pursuing their passion and purpose and developing strong networks and healthy relationships.

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